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How Often Should you Work your Horse?

This really isn’t an answer that is black and white. It is something that is dependent on what your goals are with your horse.

For example: If your goal is to produce an athlete from your horse. You are most certainly going to want to treat your horse’s body the way you would be treating your body. It’s not just about the number of days that you work, but also about the nutrition and the feed quality. You would be working towards the perfect balance of building muscle, teaching your horse something new, creating consistency throughout each ride.

While there is no exact answer of how many times you work your horse, you want to think quality sessions over quantity sessions. If you start having more quality out of each session, you are going to start seeing results. You have to utilize the window of opportunity and determine what your overall goal is to start creating that plan throughout each session.

I know there are so many opinions out there with how many days a week you need to ride, how hard you need to ride, but the reality is every horse and every rider are different. First, determine your goals, and from there, you can start developing a plan and seeing what schedule works best for both you and your horse.


Not sure where to start with your horse to start working towards your goals? Take a look at Scott’s Leadership Club where you will start with talking with Scott about where you are what your goals are. From there, Scott will give you a personalized program to get started on. He will provide guidance and motivation throughout the entire journey! Click here to get started.


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