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Why Would You Take A Class From Scott?

It's important when making a decision about what type of clinic or workshop you want to participate in, that you know what sets Scott's apart from others. To start, if going to clinic that gives actual one on one personalized attention and you're not just another number then this is right for you! If you are looking for a fun and laid back atmosphere to learn in, then you're in the right place. Scott keeps the number of participants low in order to give that attention to everyone and can dive deep into teaching each person how to achieve that connection they have been looking for. Scott is committed to you and your progress and wants you to know that you are not alone in this journey!


What Will You Learn?

Though each clinic is different with its goals check out some of what each goes over!

How To Build A Connection With Your Horse

Build Both You And Your Horse's Confidence

Learn The Step By Step Process To Fix Any Problem On The Spot

How To Have An Open Line Of  Communication With Your Horse

Leave With A Personalized Plan


Connection Series Clinic

This clinic is a 3 day clinic where participants will work with Scott Purdum up to 4 hours each day focusing on seat stabilization, stability of mind, and unlocking your horse’s potential. The Connection Series Clinic can have up to 2 sessions per day, AM and PM session, depending on the amount of interest in the clinic. Each session can have up to 8 participants.

Description of the 3 main components:

1) Seat Stabilization- how to effectively change the 3 main parts of your body to lower the center of gravity, open your hips for communication, and become more centered on the horse

2) Stability of Mind- how to effectively communicate between horse and rider and eliminate the fears under saddle

3) Unlock your Horse’s Potential- you will learn how to unlock your horse’s potential and help them become softer, more engaging from the hind end and moving more fluently.

This series creates a fun, educational, and supportive way for every rider to advance the communication with their horse! No matter where you are with your riding, or what discipline you ride, this clinic will build the ultimate relationship between horse and rider. 

Scott Purdum has devoted the majority of his time learning human and equine body mechanics to develop a program that bring both together to build a true connection. Through seat stabilization and opening the communication line, riders will start to see a difference right away. Each day will consist of multiple group and individual sessions.

You will learn to feel and push your horse in a positive way. Throughout the weekend, you will see each session building off the last leading to a true connection under saddle. You will immediately feel the sense of when true connection is accomplished as each move you feel a sense of elegance. You will leave this weekend with stability in your seat and peace of mind knowing you are connected with your horse. Each ride you take on your horse will be purposeful as you feel your horse more engaged and willing with everything you ask.

Connection Series Clinic
Fast Track Weekend

Fast Track Weekend


This 3 day clinic is our most traditional clinic where each participant will work towards their own individual goals. Each day participants will work with Scott for up to 6 hours. The Fast Track Weekend will have a set start time of 9:30AM each day and have a max of 10 participants to ensure each rider gets one-on-one attention and a customized training plan.

No matter the skill level or discipline, Scott will create a training program specific to you and your horse’s needs regardless of where you are with your training program. Scott will touch on just a few ideas and tips on how to become more connected with your horse. If you are looking for a true connection to unlock your horse’s potential to take your horsemanship to the next level, check out our Connection Series Clinic.

When you leave the weekend clinic you will be on a Fast Track to your horsemanship goals with a plan in mind on what’s next on your horsemanship journey.


Fear Busting Workshop

What would it feel like to ride without fear? To feel that joy again instead of those pesky nerves? It is possible! Through the understanding of your own brain and how it works, you can learn how to embrace those fears to make them work for you instead of against you! This workshop is done both without the horse and then with them in order to put into practice the information learned. 

Fear Busting

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this clinic different from others I have taken? 

These clinics are all about you! Scott keeps the total number of participants low to ensure one on one attention. This allows for personalization throughout the entire clinic. There are times when you will work as an entire group, and times when you will be working towards your specific goals.

Will this fix my riding/training issues?

Yes! Scott takes a hands on approach to assess where you are in your training and will fill in any gaps in your training program to have success. 

How is the clinic set up?

Each clinic is set up a little differently, however, each clinic you will work in individual and group sessions. Each session will build off the last as you work towards your goals. You can choose to work on the ground and/or undersaddle. These clinics are centered around you and what your goals are. 

Can I bring an unbroke or only do groundwork?

You can bring an unbroke and/or only do groundwork at the Fast Track Weekend and the Fear Buster clinics. With the Connection Series clinics focused on  seat stability, you will need to have a horse under saddle and experience at the walk, trot, canter.


Is this for beginner riders?

Yes! All clinics are great for any age, experience and discipline. The number of participants are kept low to ensure individual attention and personalization throughout the entire clinic.


Are there overnight accommodations available for my horse?

Each clinic that we set up, we make sure that there are accommodations on site for each participant if needed. If not, we work with the host for alternate nearby facilities. There is an additional fee for overnight accommodations.


Is there camping onsite?

Some facilities provide camping onsite. These spots are usually very limited. This decision is up to the clinic host.


How long before the clinic do I have to pay in full?

We require all clinics to be paid within 4 weeks of the clinic start date.


What vaccinations are required to attend a clinic?

This is dependent on the clinic host. You can give us a call or contact the clinic host directly for specific vaccination requirements.

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