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Riding & Horsemanship Lessons


About Our Program 

We offer private,  semi- private lessons, show opportunities, and homeschool learning experiences!

Lessons are adapted to meet individual rider needs. 

We support students that are age 3 to 100... After 100, you don’t need us anymore!

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Meet The Team


Scott Purdum

Founder & CEO - Clinician


Grace Purdum

Instructor/ President of Hope For Horses


Kerry Miller


Programs & Prices

Private Lessons

Depending on age and skill level, 30- or 60-minute private lessons are available. Each lesson is adapted to each riders individual needs. 

Scott: $100/1 hr  (on farm)

           $150/1 hr (off farm)   


Grace: $75/1 hr (on farm)


           $70/1 hr (on farm)    



These are available to current students with instructor approval. 

Show Coaching: $100 a day/ 1 hr away

                             $200 a day/ up to 2 hrs away

                             $25 a day/trailering fee

                             $25 a day/horse rental

Fun and Games Night: $25 per rider

Adult Drill Team: $40

Kids Drill Team: $40


Semi- Private Lessons

60- minute lesson with more than 1 rider. Each rider is on their own horse/pony. 


Scott: $80/1 hr  (on farm)

           $100/1 hr (off farm) 


Grace: $65/1 hr (on farm)


           $55/1 hr (on farm)

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Contact Us

Please reach out with any questions or to schedule a lesson! 

The best way to reach us is by sending a message through our facebook page. 
You can also reach us by email or phone. 

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