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Vacation is Over, Back to Reality

How many of you have gone on vacation and when you return to reality, you are out of sync with your normal routine? For me, it takes a day or two to get comfortable and back into my normal routine. A typical day for me is getting my kids ready for school, training horses, a few hours in the office and finally, tending to everyday farm chores.

We all have our own specific routine we follow and it’s important to realize that we guide our own horse’s routine. You know how you feel coming off that nice, relaxing vacation? Imagine how much your horse enjoyed that vacation and time off as well! When you start getting back in to your training program with your horse, remember that you both just had a few days off. Just like you, your horse may need a day or two to get back in the right frame of mind to start making forward progress again.

Once you start training consistently again, you will make forward progress in no time! Just be sure to be patient and always set your horse up for success with each training session…especially when the horse has had some time off.

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