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Are We At Fault For Our Horse's Problems?

Many times we are quick to blame a horse for a specific problem such as bucking, biting, won't stand still, can't catch them in the field, etc., when we really should be searching from within as to how we may have created that problem. Don't get me wrong, do I think that horses have their own minds and might decide one day that they don't want to be a part of this working relationship? Yes I do!

Let me explain, I am a firm believer that horses react according to the stimulus that is provided to them at any given point and time. For example, if you asked your horse to pick up a trot, but they thought you asked for a canter, and that is what they give you, I would not consider that a mistake on the horse's part but actually a problem with the communication between you and your horse. In fact I feel that 95% of the time when you might feel that your horse is "not listening to you" it is most likely caused by a communication error.

Do You Feel You Have Communication Errors With Your Horse??

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So how do we solve these communication errors? It's quite simple really, and I answer it in this short little vlog that I did.

Check it out below, and as always, if you enjoy this blog feel free to share it below!

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