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The Advantage Horsemanship Bitless Halter


-- Designed to teach a horse how to come off of pressure more willingly, making the horse easier to handle for the owner/rider
-- A thinner, stiffer rope used which makes it more uncomfortable for horses to lean on should they choose to
-- Knots on the nose band that act upon the pressure points located on either side of the horse's nose
-- Twisted poll piece that makes the horse more responsive and is more uncomfortable for a horse to lean backwards on
-- Light weight so no unnecessary pressure applied when not needed
-- A smooth, flat snap that lays relatively flat on the horse and allows you to clip the halter on and off as you would a web halter, once the halter has been adjusted to fit the horse
-- Halter is fully adjustable, comes in 6 cool colors, and available in every size!!!
-- Chin strap underneath holds the halter in place once reins are attached and allows the halter to work as it is designed to without slipping and twisting on the horse's face

-- A safe and affordable halter that can be used for riding and training


To learn about fitting and sizing, watch this short video:

Bitless Halter

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