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Foundation Guide: Groundwork Edition

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Explore a direct path to a stronger connection with our "Foundation Guide: Groundwork Edition." This program is your practical roadmap. Achieve a greater connection by following these steps: Leadership, Not Dictatorship: Establish yourself as a leader, not a dictator, fostering a relationship built on trust and cooperation. Energy Awareness: Understand your energy and your horse's energy, learning how to communicate clearly for a harmonious partnership. Calm and Relaxed Mindset: Instead of exhausting your horse, increase communication to guide them into a calm, relaxed state of mind, ensuring a cooperative and stress-free environment. Confidence Building: Boost your horse's confidence by strategically introducing new obstacles and desensitizing, setting them up for success in various situations. Versatile Foundation: Develop a solid groundwork foundation, enabling you to apply these methods across diverse scenarios. Be prepared for any situation that may arise, establishing a reliable and adaptable equine partnership. Includes: 1. The Leading Exercise 2. Yielding the Hindquarter 3. Lunging for Control 4. Redirection 5. Lunging for Energy 6. Desensitizing 7. Guiding 8. Guiding over Obstacles 9. Head Down 10. Flexing 11. Bending 12. Shoulder Control 13. Saddling 14. Bridling 15. Bridle Work 16. Advanced Leading 17.Sidepass through Bending 18. Collection through Bending 19. Desensitizing with a Tarp 20. Sidepass 21. Turn on the Haunches 22. Sidepass Towards You

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