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Fitness for Equestrians

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Introducing our exclusive Fitness Program, a comprehensive 4-week fitness regimen meticulously crafted by Scott Purdum for riders at every fitness level, from beginners to seasoned riders. The program features targeted exercises for each body part, building a crucial mind-muscle connection essential for mastering the art of riding. With three dynamic workouts per week that progressively intensify, plus an extra weekly workout, you will steadily improve your strength, stability, and overall fitness. Core strength improvement is a key benefit, making you feel more stable in the saddle. By strengthening the proper muscles, you will post better at the trot, supporting your body and reducing strain. The program also strengthens your legs for more precise cues and better communication with your horse. Your upper body will benefit as well, developing a more secure and balanced posture for better control and comfort while riding. As you progress, you will see a significant transformation in your fitness levels and riding skills. Improved core strength enhances your balance, making it easier to stay centered and connected with your horse. Stronger legs provide the power and endurance needed for longer rides and more demanding maneuvers. A fortified upper body ensures proper posture, reducing fatigue and discomfort. Scott’s program is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their riding experience. Beginners will find the structured approach easy to follow, while experienced riders will appreciate the challenge and opportunity to fine-tune their skills. The progressive nature of the workouts ensures continuous improvement. This program is more than just a fitness routine; it’s a transformative journey that will amplify your riding skills and make your time in the saddle more enjoyable and confident. Join us and experience the remarkable difference this program can make in your riding and overall fitness.

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