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What is the Importance of having a Centered and Stable Seat?

1. Communication

Communication is one of the most valuable things to have with your horse and because of that, when you are not centered in the saddle you have a possibility of struggling to stay in rhythm with your horse. When you are out of rhythm, you can create confusion which may turn into an undesirable result (ie behavioral problem)

2. Balance

Did you know that 60% of a horses weight is in the front end? With the weight being on the front end and the engine in the back, the horse is already set up to feeling like they are running downhill. So balance is everything. Either in helping them distributing the weight or aiding them to horses speeding up or horses breaking gait frequently.

3. Confidence

Stable seat. Stable mind.

4. Connection

Having the fluidity of a stable and balanced seat, will give you true connection like no other. This will help alleviate tension and create a relaxed and willing partner.


Was this helpful? Take a look at Scott's Leadership Club where you can work with Scott on creating a centered, and stable seat.


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