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6 Key Steps to Success

#1 Understanding Communication We often wonder why our horses are confused with what we are asking. We need to take a step back and learn their language to effectively communicate.

#2 Learn to Listen Your horse is telling you everything, but are you there for them with what they are saying?

#3 Feel and Timing This is critical for your horse's learning. It goes beyond the feeling in your hands through the reins. It all includes not only what you are feeling physically, but through energy, seat and timing.

#4 Less is Always More Far too often do we over drill, over think, and over do things with our horse resulting in different issues than we started with.

#5 Have an Open Mind Having a narrow mind often causes us to communicate as dictator rather than a leader. We need to remember to have an open mind to see the bigger picture.

#6 The Journey is Yours What's most important is that journey that is taken is done by YOU! We know that sending your horse to a trainer may have crossed your mind before, but making your own decisions and your own choices with your horse is essential to long term success.


I am here to help you learn skills like the ability to control your emotions that would best benefit communication with your horse! It's time to take back control, build the best relationship possible with your horse, and have fun while doing so! Let's get started..


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