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3 Common Mistakes Riders Make

The 3 most common mistakes riders make:

Mistake #1: Riding Defensively

It’s easy for us to start to worry about “what might happen” which will make you start to ride on the defense, which ultimately may go against your horse. Think about riding in the offense and working with your horse with everything you ask.

Mistake #2: Leg Sensitivity

Horses are typically either really sensitive to a leg (energetic horse), or desensitized to the leg (lazy horse). When we think about the leg sensitivity on the energetic horse we need to keep contact with our legs to desensitize them to the leg, but on a desensitized horse, we need to take our leg away using the "ask then tell" method to sensitize them to the leg. This is something that we can adjust on a ride to ride basis as long as you are able to use this concept for leg sensitivity.

Mistake #3: Micromanaging

When we feel out of control, we start to use our hands more than we use our seat. We want our horses to have that open communication line to be able to feel our seat and body energy. By micromanaging, you are ultimately shutting the horse down and riding more on the defense, making it harder for your horse to willingly move fluently with you and not against you.


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