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Virtual Events

Why Go Virtual?


Are you looking to further your education for your horse all while in the leisure of your home? Scott has created a variety of virtual options for you to be able to interact and learn from wherever you call home. These virtual events each offer a fun, laid back atmosphere to interact with Scott Purdum and fellow horsewomen/horsemen from all over the world. Whether you opt for a one-on-one session for more personalized help, attend a webinar to look for motivating tips to get back out on your horse, or watch a few live training sessions to spark some new training ideas, there is something for everyone. We are looking forward to seeing you on one of these great events!

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What Topics Are Discussed?

Connection 101

Stabilize Your Seat

Health & Nutrition

Building Confidence 

Horsemanship Q & A


Live Talks

Scott developed his training program based around both horse and rider. What may work for one horse may not work for another! Join Scott on these live training sessions where he will be working with a horse in training, or one of his performance horses and he will break down the session as he goes through with you.


There is no black and white answer to all training problems. It is something that has to be somewhat customized to both the horse and rider. These sessions offer a great opportunity to see Scott live as he problem solves a training issue and breaks it down into easy, simple steps to guarantee success. 


Join Advantage Horsemanship Live Training page on Facebook to start watching these sessions! Right now this is Free to watch but it won’t be for long so check it out now!

Live Talks

Virtual Lesson

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This is the perfect way to get one on one attention with Scott no matter where you are in the world! These sessions are held online and are based solely on where you currently are in your training program. This  is a great way to problem solve with Scott, evaluate your horsemanship, and create a plan moving forward. There are 2 ways to do this lesson:


Go Live with your horse in hand while Scott teaches you what to do with your horse, or if you don’t have a good internet connection, you can record a video and send it to us! No matter how you want to set this lesson up, we have you covered and can walk you through the steps to get the most out of your session.


Setting up a pre recorded virtual lesson is easy, all you need to do is: 


1. Record a video with the specific issue you are having (no more than 6 minutes)

2.  Upload video to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and share the link

3. Schedule a time and date

Virtual Lesson

Setting up your in hand virtual lesson can also be easy if you follow these steps:


  1. Go to location of the lesson and check your phone internet connection. You can download an app called Speedtest and let us know the 3 test results that come back. (Ping, Download, Upload)

  2. Find a trusty cameraman to film you and doesn’t mind holding a camera for 30 min. We recommend however investing into the Pivo Silver Pod so you don’t have to have a second person with you. (Here is a referral link to to check it out!) If you don’t want to purchase one we have one for rent!

  3. Schedule an Appointment! 


During your Virtual Lesson, Scott will discuss the video footage with you and answer any questions you may have. From there, he will create a customized plan that is best for you and your horse to work towards your goals! 


Interactive Webinars

These Webinars are great time for you to engage and interact with Scott on various topics to improve your horsemanship for your horse. 


Scott hosts a variety of different topics where he encourages all horsewomen/horsemen to engage and interact with him and others as you all are working towards the same goal, “building that everlasting bond with your horse”.


Each Webinar is a breakthrough discussion and are critical as you are working to not only improve yourself, but to also improve the communication between you and your horse. Each discussion offers motivation and encouragement to achieve all your goals all while you are able to share experiences with fellow riders. 


You won’t want to miss Scott’s next discussion, take a look at the calendar to see what Webinars are coming up!

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