The True Test of Horsemanship

Nothing beats the ability to take your horse out of the field and go on a relaxing trail ride! Whether you are by yourself or with friends, having a horse that is right there with you and enjoying the ride as much as you are is important. Unfortunately, trail riding doesn't always happen this way and with frustrations building and confidence dwindling in both you and your horse you two butt heads and the ride doesn't turn out as planned. There is a way to keep this from happening however.....

First you need to understand your horse, and how they think. By this understanding you can start applying the program than best suits them and their personality!

This can all be easily achieved by following the courses Scott has laid out for you on The Leadership Club! He will break down every exercise step by step and help you have a clear and direct path towards success! Success is so important that once a month Scott wants you to take a virtual lesson with him to make sure that you are on the right path and help you through any issues you may be having!

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