Stability of the Seat Webinar

with Scott Purdum

Scott has put together this Webinar on how to create the perfect seat under saddle. Simply by having more stability in the saddle, you will have stability in the mind knowing you are better balanced, which will ultimately create true connection between horse and rider. Scott will talk about how to change your seat position to help you ride fluidly through every gait.  

How to effectively change the 3 main body parts to become more centered on the horse

Eliminate communication barriers and create better feel and timing throughout your ride

Effectively communicate under saddle to eliminate fear

Help your horse become softer, more engaging from the hind end and moving more fluently 

No matter the skill level these principals can be applied to any level of riding


Date: January 28, 2021

Time: 3PM EST

Cost: $4.97


About the host! 

Scott Purdum is a world renown horse clinician that has evolved a simple horse training program to a mind, body connection to achieve the ultimate success with your horse. Scott spends much of his time not only working with horsewomen/horsemen, but continuing education to learn the anatomy and psychology of horse and rider.