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Overcome Your Fear

With Horses

Discover the Power of Partnership with Horses

Are you ready to conquer your fears and reignite your passion for horses? Fear can be debilitating, stripping away the joy and connection you once felt with your horse. Our unique online program delves into the psychology of fear, exploring how your brain uses fear as a survival mechanism. However, with our guidance, you can rewire your brain to harness fear as a powerful ally instead of an obstacle. We provide you with practical tools and strategies to overcome this challenge and transform your riding experience.

What You'll Learn In This Program

  • Understanding Fear: Delve into the root causes of fear and how it affects your interactions with horses.

  • Practical Techniques: Master practical strategies to manage and reduce fear before, during, and after a ride.


  • Personal Growth: Build confidence and enhance your riding experience through targeted exercises and expert guidance.


  • Expert Insights: Gain invaluable knowledge from Scott Purdum and Nathan Gist, one, experienced horse trainer and the other, a fear management specialist.

Why Join Our Waitlist?

  • Exclusive Content: Get early access to video clips from the program where Scott and Nathan demonstrate key techniques and strategies for overcoming fear with horses.

  • Early Access: Be the first to know when the program launches and secure your spot.

  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals all working towards overcoming their fears with horses.

Meet your Instructors

White Horse
"Scott and Nathan have changed the way I interact with my horse. Their insights into fear and practical advice have made such a difference."

— Emily R.

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When will the program be available?

This program will be available Summer of 2024.

What is the structure of the program?

The online program is designed for flexible, self-paced learning with comprehensive support. It features pre-recorded videos from Nathan Gist and Scott Purdum, offering step-by-step instructions to help you overcome fear with horses. Track your progress with tools provided and stay motivated. Additionally, join a supportive online community where you can share experiences, ask questions, and receive encouragement from fellow participants. This combination of video lessons, flexible learning, and community support ensures you have everything you need to conquer your fears and connect deeply with your horse.

How interactive is the program?

The program is highly interactive, featuring live sessions where you can engage directly with Nathan Gist and Scott Purdum. Additionally, if you're local, in-person lessons are available to provide hands-on guidance and personalized support.

Do I have to join the wait list in order to join the program once released?

No, you will just be missing out on exclusive content prior to it's release.

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