Obstacle Clinic


What is better than putting some of your favorite things together such as building a stronger bond with your horse and obstacles? Nothing! This clinic puts all of those aspects together in a fun, and safe environment for you and your horse. Scott teaches you ways to get over any obstacle that you may face safely and effectively. Overcoming obstacles isn't just an "in the arena" thing... You can use the program that Scott provides for you to use anywhere, whether you are out on the trail or just in a new area! This is a great LOW KEY type of clinic to come and have fun all while teaching your horse how to become more confident!

During the winter months we will offer an Obstacle Clinic indoors. We realize  finding fun things to do with your horse during the cold season can be difficult. That is why this clinic can be just right during those dreary winter days. Come ride and participate in this clinic and keep up your obstacle edge as there are 10 obstacles that can be both scary and challenging for you and your horse. Learning and using Scott’s method for obstacles will make this experience both fun, and safe!

Have Fun and Meet New People
Up to 17 Obstacles