Horsemanship Simplified

Online Horsemanship Training Courses 

Each Course provides you with an in depth understanding of how to take your horse from the very basic to the advance stages!

Problem Solving

Each Problem Solving issue has a customized training program that makes it easy to follow along and resolve the issue in just a few steps. Here are just a few examples:

  • Bucking

  • I'm Lacking Confidence

  • Spooking Issues

  • Nervous Horse

  • My Horse Won't Stand Still

  • Improving Transitions

  • Trailer Loading

  • Lead Changes

  • ...and many more!

Access To Scott

Have a specific issue with your training program? 

  • Talk with Scott to develop a customized training program with you and your horse

  • If you can't find what a specific issue you are having with training, Scott will generate a new video series just for YOU!

Ride with Scott! 

  • Get exclusive discounts on riding with Scott at any of his clinics

  • One on one training with Scott Purdum to put you on a fast track to your success

Virtual Lesson

  • No matter where you are, you can ride with Scott

  • Scott will evaluate your progress and create a training program specific to your needs

  • 1 Virtual Lesson per month is included with your subscription