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Advantage Horsemanship
Oct 9, 2017

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Hey guys! We want to hear from you about what your thoughts on natural horsemanship? Love it, hate it, favorite trainers etc! Let us know!

Michael Canfield
Jul 8, 2018

I think the "term" is over used but I do believe that the approach is very sound. Using the nature of the horse to help it understand us, and us to understand it, seems like wisdom. The concepts have been around for a LONG time. Did you know that Xenophon, the person who trained Alexander the Great's cavalry, wrote a treatise on training horses that reads much like the "natural horsemanship" we see today? It is true. The approach is solid and effective. Clarity, kindness, confidence and confident leadership are principles we can all respect. Thoughts?

Advantage Horsemanship
Jul 14, 2018

That is awesome information Micheal! Thanks for the post!



Elaine Scribner
Jan 21

Coming from the English world like you Scott, there are a lot of 'gadgets' out there that were used and still are used on horses, like draw reins, and there is this German thing that helps set the horses head, and don't get me started on 'rapping'! For those who don't know what it is, they take a pole and as the horse jumps over a jump they will raise the pole so the horse will 'rap' it's front legs HARD on it to make them jump higher, so in my eyes that is punishing the horse for jumping! Anyway I have fallen in love with the natural way of training and the thing is that anyone can use it! I never thought that I could train a horse but with the 'natural' method I can!


Final words, Love It!