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Oct 30, 2017

Is this Aussie decent?


I'm going to invest in a good saddle next year. Right now I'm experimenting, so I know what I want. I typically trail ride with friends, local rides - just a few hours at a time. I currently use an older inexpensive barrel saddle - it works OK and fits my horse. It's not pretty though! I also have an Abetta synthetic... it doesn't fit my mare well, and I like the feel of the barrel saddle better. My friend recently bought a Crestridge - and it's on my 'short list'. (I like the Ovation) The one thing I haven't really tried is an Australian saddle. I just saw this one for sale locally; am tempted to buy it (or see if I can trade the barely used Abetta), just so I can test it. If I like it, I could buy a higher quality one next year. Is this junk?" or would it work for casual rides, in order to let me see if I like an Aussie?


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Advantage Horsemanship
Nov 1, 2017

Hey! Unfortunately the link didn't work so we can't see the saddle. Can you try linking it again? Thanks

Michael Canfield
Jul 8, 2018

If you are talking about the "aussie stockman" type of saddle, I have to say I enjoyed mine and my horse did too. It was one of the first saddles I bought when I got back onto horses. They are light and fairly comfortable. Just make sure that you get one that is of good quality as their are quite a few knock-offs out there. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Oct 12

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Mark Spencer
Nov 9

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  • forthehorsesfarm
    Aug 30

    I was one of the lucky riders to ride with Scott at the Midwest Horse Fair this year, and would love to meet up with any other Wisconsin club members. I have had such a good summer implementing the skills Scott introduced me to this spring. The relationship with my horse is better and I have found a little more confidence in my riding too. Thanks Scott!
  • Michael Canfield
    6 days ago

    We are getting a little group together for a "spur of the moment ride" at Ed Hughes Memorial Arena located at 600 S. church Street in Ione, CA this Saturday September 8, 2018 at 11:00 AM. Day use fee is $10.00. We'll be doing groundwork first and then riding in and out of the area. Expect LOTS of Advantage Horsemanship program exercises. This is a great opportunity to meet other Leadership Club folks and work with our horses together. Hope you can make it! Cheers! Michael
  • Michael Canfield
    a day ago

    Just wanted to share an experience from a recent horsemanship club gathering. Had a group of new horse folks and new horses working who needed to get some round pen skills tightened up (like we all do from time to time). Since I was the poor monkey who volunteered to lead this experience I asked everyone to lead there horses from the trailers to the round pen. It was illuminating to say the least. Lots of pushy horses and horses that didn't have a lot of awareness of their human. So the Leading Exercise was experienced by the group! Certainly made a difference in the focus and attitude of the horses and the humans! Got a note a few days later from one of the new folks thanking me for sharing Scott's approach to the Leading Exercise. It made a real difference to her and her horse. That makes a soul feel good. Over all the round pen session was fun and educational. Good times! Thanks for sharing these exercises with us Scott and Grace! Have a great week! Michael