With Scott Purdum with Advantage Horsemanship & Confidence Coach Nathan Gist

March 13-15, 2020 9:30am-4:30pm

Fredericksburg, VA

Do you want to reach your goals in becoming the confident rider you know you can be? 

Learn how to conquer your fears through mind & body.

Take A Listen And Learn What This Workshop Is About!

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This three day workshop is unlike any other you have attended in the past. It will empower you to conquer fear, build confidence, and overcome training issues you may be having. 


Scott Purdum has partnered with Confidence Coach, Nathan Gist, to work collaboratively to gain stability through mind and body, through which allows you to build confidence in your riding. Each rider has their own fears and struggles in which can affect their riding. With this in mind, Scott and Nathan are able to work with each individual to create a program best suited for him or her. This entails working privately with and without the horse to get to the root of the problem and essentially working from the “inside out”. 


Throughout the workshop, you will be working in group sessions and individual sessions. In the group sessions, you will learn the importance of your seat and how to connect with your horse better. In the individual sessions, the focus will be on the mind and how to overcome any anxieties that are holding you back. Each day will consist of multiple group and individual sessions, where you will see how the mind and body will come together and allow you to start riding to your full potential. 

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