Nothing beats the feeling of soaring through the air over a fence (intentionally that is) with a horse. Even if your goal isn't going over fences, but to be one with your horse in dressage, the shear beauty of an english is just stunning!

As much as we try to make our horse soar over fences smoothly and rhythmically, or get that dressage horse to take to the next maneuver perfectly, it doesn't always work out that way. They tend to have issues of either being too lazy or too crazy, they fight the bit, your leg, and we never can get them quite right....

When it comes to riding english where you need to have contact on your horse's mouth we tend to not always have the best communication skills with them, which leads them towards this un wanted behavior.

The good news is that through learning how to manipulate the horse's body through your seat, feet and fingers YOU can accomplish all that you set your mind to!

This can all be easily achieved by following the courses Scott has laid out for you on The Leadership Club! He will break down every exercise step by step and help you have a clear and direct path towards success! Success is so important that once a month Scott wants you to take a virtual lesson with him to make sure that you are on the right path and help you through any issues you may be having!

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