May 8-10, 2020 in Palmer, Alaska

AM Session: 9:30AM-1:30PM  &  PM Session 2:30PM-6:30PM


Reach true connection through better understanding the body mechanics of both horse and human as well as opening the line of communication. 

What you will learn throughout the weekend:

Seat Stabilization- how to effectively change the 3 main parts of your body to lower the center of graivity, open your hips for communication, and become more centered on the horse

Stability of Mind- how to effectively communicate between horse and rider and eliminate the fears under saddle

Unlock your Horse’s Potential- you will learn how to unlock your horse’s potential and help them become softer, more engaging from the hind end and moving more fluently.

This series creates a fun, educational, and supportive way for every rider to advance the communication with their horse! No matter where you are with your riding, or what discipline you ride, this clinic will build the ultimate relationship between horse and rider.


Scott Purdum has devoted the majority of his time learning human and equine body mechanics to develop a program that bring both together to build a true connection. Through seat stabilization and opening the communication line, riders will start to see a difference right away. Each day will consist of multiple group and individual sessions. You will learn to feel and push your horse in a positive way. Throughout the weekend, you will see each session building off the last leading to a true connection under saddle. You will immediately feel the sense of when true connection is accomplished as each move you feel a sense of elegance.


You will leave this weekend with stability in your seat and peace of mind knowing you are connected with your horse. Each ride you take on your horse will be purposeful as you feel your horse more engaged and willing with everything you ask.