Advantage Horsemanship with Scott Purdum


Fast Track Weekend

Have you ever wanted a weekend tailored specifically to your needs and wants with your horse? Then this is the weekend for you! During this weekend, Scott creates a program specifically designed for you and your horse. No matter the skill level or discipline you ride, Scott will integrate his program and method to Fast Forward your success! There is no more feeling like you are either too advanced or too much of a beginner to attend because during this weekend each person will be working on different exercises depending on the program Scott plans out for you. Scott creates a fun, educational, and supportive way for every person to advance in their own way and with their horse!

Obstacle Trail Clinic

Build a stronger bond between you and your horse while teaching them to be less spooky!

What is better than putting some of your favorite things together such as obstacles, learning, and trail riding on your horse? Nothing! This clinic puts all of those aspects together in a fun, and safe environment for you and your horse. Scott teaches you ways to get over any obstacle that you may face safely and effectively on the trail and out in the open. By actually being out on the trail during this clinic, you are teaches you how to use the method in reality and not just in an arena! As Scott teams you up with a “trail buddy” to stay with during the clinic, it is great way to meet new people who share the same passion as you, or bring a friend to enjoy the experience together!

During the winter months we will offer an Obstacle Clinic indoors. We realize  finding fun things to do with your horse during the cold season can be difficult. That is why this clinic can be just right during those dreary winter days. Come ride and participate in this clinic and keep up your obstacle edge as there are 10 obstacles that can be both scary and challenging for you and your horse. Learning and using Scott’s method for obstacles will make this experience both fun, and safe!

Colt Starting Clinic

Build a stronger bond between you and your horse while teaching them to be less spooky!

Looking to get your young horse a great start but don’t want to send them away for training? Then doing it yourself under Scott’s guidance and supervision is the way to go! Learn how to implement Scott’s method and philosophy on your horse to create a calm and willing partner for every step of the way. Whether it’s during first saddling, first ride, Scott’s easy to learn method and instruction will guide you through the entire process. By the end of the 4 days you will be riding your horse out in the open confidently.

*Requirement to attend is the riders ability to ride confidently at a walk, trot, and canter on broke horses.