March 25, 2020

I constantly get asked the question "How do I stop my horse from eating when I am on the trail?"

So I thought I would put a video together showing 3 simple ways to get your horse to stop eating whether you are on the ground or riding, and I would like to share it with y...

March 22, 2018

I'm sitting on a plane headed to California (from Virginia) to teach a clinic and perform at an Expo and I find myself thinking about how my anxiety flying is very similar to a horse’s anxiety when going to a horse show or even traveling off the farm to go trail riding...

January 31, 2018

How many of you have gone on vacation and when you return to reality, you are out of sync with your normal routine? For me, it takes a day or two to get comfortable and back into my normal routine. A typical day for me is getting my kids ready for school, training hors...

December 13, 2017

One of the biggest requests that I get from students at clinics is how to get a lead change from their horse. I totally understand why they are asking because nothing beats that feeling of having full control of your horse's body, and to be able to ask them to change b...

December 2, 2017

The amount of ways that I have watched people try to stop their horse is honestly amusing. From some only doing one rein stops to others yelling the word "WHOA" a hundred times in 8 different languages all in the hopes that they finally can come to a stop! 


November 3, 2017

Many times we are quick to blame a horse for a specific problem such as bucking, biting, won't stand still, can't catch them in the field, etc., when we really should be searching from within as to how we may have created that problem. Don't get me wrong, do I think th...

October 20, 2017

Questions are always coming in about how to get my horse to stop spooking at things when I ride! So, I wanted to share my answer with everyone.

1. You will NEVER fully take a spook out of a horse!

Anyone who tells you that you can teach your horse to never spook is lying...

July 28, 2017

If you own a horse or many horses, you probably have at least one story to tell about how you purchased this horse that didn’t turn out to be the horse you thought they would be! This happens far too often unfortunately. So, lets take a minute and look into how this ha...

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