"Lessons are How Much?!"

Do you know why I got into horses? Because I love them, of course! I started my own lesson and show barn so that I could share my love with anyone that wanted to open up their lives to horses as well! One of the greatest feelings that I experience is when someone truly falls in love with a horse here. A second phenomenal experience is watching a horseman of any skill level grow in their horsemanship! It is so pleasing and incredibly self satisfying! To know that myself or my horse’s had a role in that part of their life is just AWESOME! However, even though this is an incredibly enjoyable passion for me, I also made it into a career. A career that is supposed to pay for a mortgage, a truck p

Add Some Color to Your Training!

I have been spending a significant amount of time traveling North America with my husband, while teaching clinics and lessons. I have worked with countless individuals of all skill and age ranges. I have also worked with more breeds of horses than I can remember and riders from all disciplines. Amongst all of these differences, one phrase (and now topic) continues to come up…”black and white.” Whether trying to solve a “problem” with a horse, teaching a horse a new maneuver, refining a maneuver, putting the first ride on a horse, or even helping a rider find their balance, we are hearing and seeing people pushing techniques that aren’t working, fighting the horse, irritating the horse, and n

Go After What You Want!

My husband and I were talking earlier today about my path with horses and in particular with my upcoming journey back into the horse show world. I had taken some time off the rated show life to focus on being a full time mother, helping with the back end stuff of Scott’s business, as well as establishing my own lesson program and show team. Now that my kids are a bit older, Scott’s business is booming and my facility is established successfully, we have decided that it is time to start back on my own path which is stepping back into the show world for ME. This is going to be a slow process to the top, as these efforts take time and hard work. I am ready and willing to put in all the work and

This Horse Dumped Me!

You know those horses that we see advertised all over the place that we think the horse must actually be a unicorn? Well, not only was this horse said to be that and purchased for a beginner girl, but man did I eat it! Over a damn jacket!!!! I hopped on this pony as we believed there may have been some MINOR holes in training and it needed some finishing. I worked with it under saddle around the arena for about 10 minutes and it was going okay. I got hot and needed to take my jacket off. I asked this pony to stop and relax for a minute while I stripped a layer. I placed my 10’ (yes, 10 foot!!!) reins over the horn and unzipped my jacket. Nothing was off at this point and his head was low and

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