How To Get Lead Changes In A Few Simple Steps

One of the biggest requests that I get from students at clinics is how to get a lead change from their horse. I totally understand why they are asking because nothing beats that feeling of having full control of your horse's body, and to be able to ask them to change balance points in mid air to go from one lead to the other effortlessly! What makes it so difficult, however, to achieve a lead change at times is because we don't set our horses up correctly for success! SALE Bitless Halter Bridle 25% Off By Entering Code BLOGSPECIAL Check it out HERE Which, is why, I put this video together for a TV show and I wanted to share it with you. It showcases a horse that has never been taught lead ch

Improve Stopping In 1 Simple Step

The amount of ways that I have watched people try to stop their horse is honestly amusing. From some only doing one rein stops to others yelling the word "WHOA" a hundred times in 8 different languages all in the hopes that they finally can come to a stop! Stopping is a universal desire we have for horses no matter the discipline, but I see ONE simple step that people don't do when stopping their horse.... Provide lift for the horse! Here is a quick video to show you what I am talking about! If you like this tip don't forget to share it! Check out more tips like this one on The Leadership Club!

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